Peyton & Jackson

March 19, 2015  •  2 Comments

    When my daughter asked if I would take some pictures of these two , I could not resist. They are the cutest duo ever. One never far from the other , they stick together like glue, or better yet...peanut butter & jelly ! The best of friends , this bond goes back to when they were babies. Peyton's grandma was the day care provider for both (also for Jackson's daddy long ago!). Then they went to preschool together and they are next door neighbors ! They are the cutest little lovebirds you will ever see !                                                                                                             Telling secrets about stuff that could only come out of the mouth of a five year old , they cracked each other up ! I tried to harness their energy , individual personalities and the close bond that they share in photos.....oh, to be so young again ! Best FriendsPeyton & Jackson _DSC0480 (2)_DSC0480 (2) _DSC0167 (2)_DSC0167 (2) _CSC0703_CSC0703 _CSC0682_CSC0682 _CSC0670_CSC0670


So cute!
Donna Beasley(non-registered)
Adorable beyond words. I love both of these little ones so I was so happy to see their pictures. Great pictures.
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