TJ Heflin

March 28, 2015  •  1 Comment

         I had a  different type of photo session on Saturday evening. TJ is my first male for a senior session. For some reason boys do not like to smile and are not very fond of getting their pictures taken .I did manage to get a couple of smiles off guard though !.He will be graduating from Spotsylvania High School in June and has been accepted to JMU. TJ played football and wanted pictures taken on the field. No problem right ? Well ,we climbed the fence ! I felt like a teenager again , doing something I know I shouldn't be doing and hoping I wouldn't get caught ! Within minutes a Spotsy deputy car was sitting outside the fence !  He never got out of his car ( it was obvious what we were doing ). But, we DID have permission to climb the fence ! TJ's mother had the message on her phone from the school if we got "caught" Lol !                                                                         This wasn't a complete session. We ran out of daylight and he also wants pics of his Jeep when he gets his new wheels and a few more shots in a different location. So I will see TJ again! I got these up later than expected .It has been a crazy busy week with two workshops ,work and seasonal allergies kicking in .I"m like everyone else I suppose right now , got those winter blues ! 20150321-_CSC0095-220150321-_CSC0095-2 20150321-_DSC0058-220150321-_DSC0058-2 20150321-_CSC0100-320150321-_CSC0100-3 20150321-_CSC0102-220150321-_CSC0102-2


Tifany White(non-registered)
These are awesome pictures. I love that they were done on school grounds to. Capturing great memories for him to hold onto.
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