Baby Aron -Welcome to the family ♥

May 20, 2015  •  1 Comment

I want to start by saying that I took way too long to share these. Mommy & Daddy , I know you have been waiting patiently . Newborns are tricky though. Their skin is red , blotchy and somewhat translucent on most of their body. I am just learning new editing tools (presets & brushes) that help adjust the look of the skin. Lightroom still kicks my butt. I really have a lot to learn !! I can see sooo much improvement since my first newborn sessions. With that said - a big THANK YOU to all of my "test babies", and to the parents for sharing them with me ! Now this particular session, I had awesome natural light through a window in the studio. The room was comfy warm for baby & hot for the rest of us ! My 50 mm lens pooped out on me , luckily early in the session. So many shots I have are blurry , but too cute to toss and yet too blurry to share ! Oh well , like I said , a learning process. Thank god for warranties !  Aron is such a good baby and does he have some legs on him ! He was very agreeable , but wasn't too crazy about being tucked ! Wrapped he liked ,as you can tell by his precious expression. Too cute ! Katlynn & Aron, welcome to the wonderful world of parenthood ! You are at the start of a lifelong journey that will bring you much joy and sorrow. There are no manuals , each one is different. Congratulations to the newly married and new parents ...Mr & Mrs Blizzard !! Love you ♥ DSC_0573DSC_0573 DSC_0526-EditDSC_0526-Edit DSC_0565DSC_0565 DSC_0547DSC_0547 DSC_0516DSC_0516


Helen Dobbins(non-registered)
Thank you so much fot taking these amazing pictures this handsome little man is my grandson. Love the three of them so much.
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