Happy 2 Year Anniversary , Katlyn & John !!

August 22, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I had scheduled this session for the morning I arrived home from Colorado. Of course thinking that I am such an early riser there would be no need for an alarm clock......wrong!! I arrived home a little after 2:3o am Sunday morning. I woke up to a car sitting in my drive and 9:02 on my clock. Thankfully my clock is fast and they were early! I could not apologize enough and Katlyn and John understood how a person needs their first cup of joe !  A rather sticky humid morning , we mucked through it and what a cute couple . They are celebrating their two year anniversary...a milestone for high schoolers! Katlyn Pritchett-John Dishman-129-1Katlyn Pritchett-John Dishman-129-1 Katlyn , a cheerleader, John , plays football at the same school. Katlyn Pritchett-John Dishman-246-1Katlyn Pritchett-John Dishman-246-1 Katlyn Pritchett-John Dishman-140-1Katlyn Pritchett-John Dishman-140-1 Katlyn Pritchett-John Dishman-213-1Katlyn Pritchett-John Dishman-213-1 Katlyn Pritchett-John Dishman-154-1Katlyn Pritchett-John Dishman-154-1 They both have career plans for the future with John joining the Army and Katlyn attending school to be a nurse. Good luck to both of you and I hope I can look forward to senior portraits for both ! Happy Anniversary ♥


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