A true love story-Tracy & Marc

September 18, 2015  •  2 Comments

Every so often you will meet someone with a story to tell that touches your heart and you just want to be a part of it . This is that couple. Tracy and Marc had been dating almost 10 years. They had planned on getting married, even asked if I would be their wedding photographer.  Some time had passed since I had saw them. Then they started to frequent the 2400 Diner weekly. I work the breakfast shift there full time. I didn't know them very well at the time. Marc struggled to order, all the while Tracy encouraged him. She never spoke for him and gazed at him lovingly while waiting patiently for him to finish his order. Her sense of humor , patience and compassion with Marc is amazing. So much love here♥ Several months passed and I could start to understand Marc better. He still struggled , but I could understand him very well. That's when I asked. "Did you have a stroke ?" Yes, every time they came to the diner to eat, they were coming from a therapy session. Tracy told me the story how they met and about his stroke. Fortunately,Tracy was with him in the apartment and Marc received medical attention quickly. His speech and some motor skills were damaged the worse. Love and perseverance  paid off ... love does conquer all ♥ She then told me his goal was to be able to say the vows on their wedding day.A date had been set ... Oh my gosh , I thought I would cry! How special they were and so committed to each other. That's true love at it's finest. Marc is an accomplished jazz musician, plays the trumpet and also gives lessons.  I believe he was able to play some with his band at the reception and is now back to work teaching his fine skills. I didn't photograph their wedding , but I did promise them some photos as a gift from me. I also got to meet their dog Millie ( they had Dachshunds on their wedding cake ! I am so lucky to have met them . They make my day a little bit brighter every time I see them ♥ 


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beauitiful story and very true .., we love you
Beautyfull ..... <3
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