Future memories are today's moments , don't let it slip by ♥

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      I love seeing all of the "first day " pictures of all of the children going back to school. ( I know it"s January already  ...but, I'm bored in the middle of a blizzard !)Every year you see the swells of pride from the parents as they post their child's pictures on social media. First day of Kindergarten( my youngest grandson started this year ♥) ,First day of middle school ( my oldest granddaughter ♥),First day of high school and all of the grades in between !!

     But when it really hits the hardest is the first day of the " last year ". When your son or daughter hits that milestone of "Senior" status , all types of emotions run through your mind. They may have their own car, possibly a job, a boyfriend or girlfriend. The sports that they loved and played most of their life ,that you spent your time cheering them on , those moments... might end . They may be going to college , living away from home for the first time...oh, how will they survive without us !! Or they may make the ultimate sacrifice to join a branch of our military to protect us and other's freedom. God bless those that choose to sacrifice  for our freedom . I salute ,thank them ,and  pray for their safety - while they work and fight to keep us safe at home. And then the reality hits us .... empty nest syndrome, whoa's me ! They are all grown up !!

      You do all you can to ready them for "the real world" .... oh,you know they will be just fine !! Go ahead and pat yourself on the back for doing such a great job ! They made it this far they can and will survive on their own without you.You have given them all the "tools " of life that you felt they needed. I know mine thought I was the dumbest person on the earth ! I could never convince them that I could teach them from the lessons I learned from my own mistakes, LOL ,  so they made their own. And learned, took a little bit longer , but they figured it out. Some of life's lessons are not easy...no,no,no. Some hit HARD ! Just assure them all will be OK and that they have your love . Let them fail so they will learn . Let them learn to pick their own self up , brush themselves off and suck it up. Yes, I am that old school mama. I am a firm believer in personal responsibility. Let them take the fall , and accept it . Your "child" will then grow up and before you there will stand a beautiful , strong young man or woman. It really seems like it happens overnight.  Life's not easy but oh, what a world out there for them to explore and conquer !! Support them to always do their best in any job , even the one's they don't like. They will find self appreciation and be proud of themselves ! Always be kind to everyone. Be the bigger and smarter person in a difficult situation. Mind their manners , always be respectful of others and their property.And teach them to smile, it can go a long way ...not only will their day be brighter, but , it can be contagious ! 

       Look back at those pictures. Memories ♥ moments to remember ♥ life's milestones. Just look -  portraits with your high school sweetheart.           Your engagement portraits - such love is in your eyes ♥ The wedding album that you love to wipe your finger across the page.  Your maternity pictures where you and your partner were anticipating your new bundle of joy and a due date that couldn't come soon enough !                   And my ,oh my, those precious newborn shots, with those sleepy eyes and little fingers and toes.                Those toddler candid shots , you know the ones . Toddlers - that do what they do when they do it !

Teddy bear tea party-0020-2Teddy bear tea party-0020-2            Twelve years of school pictures that you always had too many of ! Where did that time go ?? It goes by in a blink of an eye ! You can't get it back . Now, an adult stands before you and is ready to make big decisions without you. You want to remember this age of glory don't you ? Ah ha ...senior portraits ! Not the school portraits like you see in the yearbook. Portraits that reflect your child's personality , their style, their hobby, their sport , their hometown.               And most of all and importantly - their smile ♥  

Let them be a model for a few hours and strut their stuff. Everyone is beautiful and everyone is photogenic ! I see so many senior portraits on the web and seems to me that they are all built and look like models already- where are all of the "real" kids. With a little direction and some guidance with clothes and a professional photographer ,everyone can look like a model and have wonderful portraits ! So let their light shine and be beautiful ! Don't let it slip you by. Those milestones only happen once , never again will they be newborn, children , teens, much less seniors !Capture those moments now ! Ok,ok , it sounds like a sales pitch. Lol, well ,it is what it is......... I'm glad I got that out of the way !! But I think I can speak for most photographers when I stress the importance of actual portraits in print , not digital images. not drug store prints  , printing services that do top of the line work, don't hesitate...order !That minimum order is worth it !

     Don't forget your family ♥ it is what made your children so beautiful in the first place ♥ Cherish them while they are close ♥ 

 I have been taking pictures since I got my first camera at the age of 10. Over the years I accumulated boxes and boxes of photos. Of course digital wasn't even around ! You had film , you developed it , and usually got doubles !! Snapshots. Life. I love looking through those old boxes and albums of memories. And so did my children. I divided them up years ago and gave them each a box of all the photographs I had as gifts for Christmas . They cried, they laughed, they shared . The professional portraits marks an era in time looking at the hairstyles and clothing . I had my first child in 82, OMG , perms , big glasses, shoulder pads and high waisted jeans......what were we thinking !! The baby portraits from newborn & up , as they grow . And their senior portraits -wow, how proud I am of them.  Looking at digital images just will never the same. Showing pictures on the phone or sitting at a computer isn't the same. The fear of losing those files may be all this generation will know. With that said , I can't express enough how important it is to order portraits when you have a portrait session.  There is nothing like seeing it and reliving it like yesterday , just let that look linger. You may even tear up. Yes, it's that important! Put it in a frame, set it out where you can look at it all the time. Hang it proudly on the wall .Photo books , much better than an album ! The art and style of photography has evolved into a very creative business. The digital era has given us the tools to do amazing things in the digital darkroom. Share that moment with others that come into your home or office. Display your love of your family and children be proud !


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