She said "Yes" !! Courtney + Tyler | Proposal

November 21, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

   Congratulations to Courtney and Tyler on their engagement !! November 19 is the start of a new chapter in their lives and the love that they have with each other ♥ Getting to share this milestone with them and coordinating with Tyler was so much fun for me. One -I got to keep the secret for a week  | Two - I got to play along keeping Courtney in the dark during the shoot .They are so cute together and in love ♥ it was obvious that Tyler was busting at the seams! So anxious to ask for her hand to hold forever.

   The day started as a beautiful,sunny Fall day in the 70's. We already had anticipated the impending change in the weather . We bumped up the time. That was a GOOD CALL. The clouds moved in immediately and the wind picked up as soon as we arrived at Chatham Manor. We managed to get a nice session in .... then I told them that I was ready to do the blackboard thing ( totally Tyler's idea !! ) I had discussed it with them when we arrived. Courtney didn't have a clue .At that time, the wind got frigid & the clouds spit some rain on us , the temp dropped 20 degrees quick ! Standing them back to back, I asked them to write three things that they loved about each other the most. They turned without revealing their boards. Courtney first, then Tyler. As much as I wanted to see the expression on Tyler's face, I kept the camera focused on Courtney. I knew the exact time she read those words....Will you marry me ? The look on face is priceless . I wish them the best this world has to offer . Much love♥

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