Skyler & Kiley |Tween Cousins

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 I think most people that have grown up with cousins living close by , find that their cousin was often the first best friend that they ever had. You didn't have to go to the same school or share the same friends. Because, the bond that ties is family♥ Getting together for the holidays, sleep overs ,cook outs and so much fun time spent to be the best of friends. Still little girls ♥ Silly secrets

Meet Skyler & Kiley ♥ Living close to each other and mother's that are close cousins, these girls are fortunate to see each other over the summer and the school year. They are the in that awkward "tween age" years, 11 & 12. Still they are little girls at heart & enjoying all the silly stuff that they can do. Yet, trying so hard to be all grown up.  

Being that they are my great niece and grand daughter, makes these portraits so much more special.  Oh, there are plenty of snap shots & camera pics of these two. I wanted to do something different. They will get to treasure these years to come & maybe show their own daughters.

I wanted to showcase  this age group. Ever look through your family portraits of your children. You have all the studio portraits -birth through toddler years . Then 12 years of school pictures . And of course ones from every baseball, soccer ( you name it ) team they ever played on. Usually no individual portraits until their senior year ? Why ? I sure don't know . Kinda like baby books after you have your first child. The first born is full of every little detail , the second one gets less attention, then after two you don't even bother with a baby book .....who has time !!

This is an age of innocence on the verge of adulthood. Yes, you know once they hit teenager they think they are adults...yes, you know !!

Look at these sweet as can be shots of them. You can see how they love being together all giggles and smiles. Then how grown up they are in the individual shots. This was so much fun ! And I got to be silly right with them !!

Please check out entire gallery !


You are going to love these two lil ladies almost as much as me !!

But .........Oh , my .......we do have two lovely lil country girls in the family ♥ 


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