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  Their wedding colors of coral and teal popped in Jessica's florals and bridal party. The men's vest and tie ensemble complimented them nicely. Jessica has an amazing aunt that should be in the wedding business, fabulous work Karen! Her florals and decor were gorgeous!

  At the wedding ceremony, Jessica and Dustin looked stunning as the afternoon sun shimmered through those tall industrial windows at The Old Silk Mill . 
Everyone enjoyed a nice evening with drinks and cigars in the courtyard! And the cup cakes were delish I might add! {eye wink} Congratulations on tying the knot. Thank you for letting me share your day. Everything was beautiful! Best wishes for you and your sweet family!



Jessica & Dustin

June 7,2019
Venue | The Inn at the Old Silk Mill
Fredericksburg, Virginia
Dress | That's My Dress
Tuxes | Mens Warehouse
Caterer | Inn at the Old Silk Mill
Cake-Cupcakes | Sweet Reasons
Planner | Karen Oyler
Florals | Karen Oyler
Hair | Hair Mosaic
Make Up | Sara Oyler
DJ | DJ Roo
Departure | Old Towne Carriages
Officiant | David Norford
Second Shooter | Mandi Riley




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Mom With a Mission | Sharday https://www.honeysucklerosephotography.com/blog/2018/6/mom-with-a-mission-sharday I first met Sharday at an event she hosted in Occoquan.  She had organized a children theme party that would ultimately benefit children in the hospital over the holidays.  It was a "Princess Tea Party with Santa" .I was the photographer for the event  and loved every moment  as much as the little girls in attendance! I was in awe of the hard work Sharday and her team had put together to have an event that was so special.  Very professional and well organized. This was close to her heart and I could tell 💕 

See a glimpse of Sharday's passion for children events here


Her daughter,Moriah, had passed away just before her 5th birthday.  She had spent so much time with her daughter at the hospital she knew first hand the emotional struggle that the child, parents and families endure with long hospital stays and wanted to give back, brighten their days.

Sharday contacted me recently to photograph her and her wonderful family. She has started a non profit organization to give back to these children and families of ill children . She also wrote a book for her children so they may know who their big sister was. Jo-jo and Faith are already in love with the book and know they are in it! 

You can learn more of Moriah's  story and  her mother's mission in the following links:



Enjoy, this is such a cute family! 

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Tyler + Courtney | Winter Wedding https://www.honeysucklerosephotography.com/blog/2017/12/tyler-courtney-winter-wedding I don't  know where to start , this wedding was a magical winter wonderland to behold! Courtney looked and acted just as a princess does. A gorgeous snow bride marrying her prince, Tyler. 

A winter wedding accented in silver and blue. Sparkling lights, evergreens and Christmas trees abound! Stevenson Ridge is a beautiful venue , and decorated so lovely for the holidays. 

The snowfall was perfect , big fluffy flakes, a beautiful layer of white. A welcome surprise! A photographer's dream..wink, wink! I was so excited to have the opportunity to be there !

Courtney's florals were a perfect mix of succulents, berries and soft white florals. Bridesmaids carrying baby breath bouquets accented their platinum dresses. This snow bride's dress sparkled, shimmered and shined as much as the bride! Tyler looked very handsome with nothing but love in his eyes for his new partner in life. 

Welcome to the family Tyler! 

Special thanks to Shelby Dickinson for braving the snow and lending a hand in capturing this beautiful wedding. 

Merry Christmas to Mr. & Mrs. Nice !

Venue - Stevenson Ridge
Dress -That's My Dress
Hair - Bobby Pins and Blush
Make Up - GoGo Gorgeous
Florals- Thompson's Westwood Florist
Cake - Sweets By Becky/ Becky Johnson
Stationary- Kate Richey
Custom Signs- Megan Elizabeth

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It's A Garden Party https://www.honeysucklerosephotography.com/blog/2017/7/its-a-garden-party It's A Garden Party was inspired by my love for gardening and the upcoming 13th birthday of my granddaughter.

I'm a backyard person with a love for entertaining and our Collier Homestead has the perfect country backyard for it. Lush green grass, rolling fields , mature oaks and maples and of course my garden, a mix of vegetables, perennial flowers and herbs. So a vintage garden party theme was ideal for a styled shoot for these lovely young ladies.

As I watch my granddaughter grow and develop into a young lady from a silly little girl I was struck by the observation that our children change right before our eyes. We miss the transformation and in a blink of an eye they are all grown up. The tween years are an awkward age for a girl. Middle school, boys, developing bodies and behavior changes. One minute you see a child acting up and being so silly and an hour later you are having a mature conversation with a young adult ! You shake your head and say to yourself "Where did my little girl go" or "OMG, she is growing up so fast!" Tween, in the middle, between a child and young lady.

 I had a passion to preserve this age in beautiful , vibrant images. Collaborate with amazing vendors and go outside the box and capture images of this age group that is rarely photographed, yet oh so beautiful. Full of innocence in their eyes and appearance. They could all still wear children girl sizes, even though they regularly shop juniors because the clothing is more "mature" I felt the dresses were perfect choices . They show their true age and beauty  without aging them to soon. The colors popped as much as their individual personalities did.

 Lunch for models and vendors was provided by Honeybaked Ham during our prep for the shoot . The girls got the princess treatment with professional hair & makeup and they loved that personal attention! What girl at any age doesn't like to be pampered! The girls giggled, chit-chatted and acted their age. They loved the attention and felt oh so pretty. So deserved, such amazing beautiful, lovely young ladies♥

I cannot emphasize enough that this is the "forgotten age" for portraits. Tween girls are full of vibrant beauty, innocence, awkwardness and grace ! As a family photographer , I photograph infants , toddlers, seniors and families. But I have to admit , I believe this is a beautiful age group to photograph. So happy that I will have this to treasure in the future when my granddaughter is an adult . 

To view the complete gallery go to 


Venue| Collier Homestead

Hair & Makeup|Sheryl Martin Makeup Artistry

Floral & Tablescapes| Charmaine Parton Floral Design

Furniture | Darling D's Events

Desserts| Sweets By Becky

Invitations & Menu|Twila & Co

Popcorn|The Popcorn Bag

Bracelets| Peacaloo Boutique

Dresses|Old Navy

UPDATE ! FEATURED ON GIGGLE HEARTS !! View Feature on Giggle Hearts

It's a Garden PartyIt's a Garden Party

It's a Garden PartyIt's a Garden Party It's a Garden PartyIt's a Garden Party It's a Garden PartyIt's a Garden Party It's a Garden PartyIt's a Garden Party It's a Garden PartyIt's a Garden Party It's a Garden PartyIt's a Garden Party It's a Garden PartyIt's a Garden Party It's a Garden PartyIt's a Garden Party It's a Garden PartyIt's a Garden Party It's a Garden PartyIt's a Garden Party

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She said "Yes" !! Courtney + Tyler | Proposal https://www.honeysucklerosephotography.com/blog/2016/11/she-said-yes-courtney-tyler-proposal    Congratulations to Courtney and Tyler on their engagement !! November 19 is the start of a new chapter in their lives and the love that they have with each other ♥ Getting to share this milestone with them and coordinating with Tyler was so much fun for me. One -I got to keep the secret for a week  | Two - I got to play along keeping Courtney in the dark during the shoot .They are so cute together and in love ♥ it was obvious that Tyler was busting at the seams! So anxious to ask for her hand to hold forever.

   The day started as a beautiful,sunny Fall day in the 70's. We already had anticipated the impending change in the weather . We bumped up the time. That was a GOOD CALL. The clouds moved in immediately and the wind picked up as soon as we arrived at Chatham Manor. We managed to get a nice session in .... then I told them that I was ready to do the blackboard thing ( totally Tyler's idea !! ) I had discussed it with them when we arrived. Courtney didn't have a clue .At that time, the wind got frigid & the clouds spit some rain on us , the temp dropped 20 degrees quick ! Standing them back to back, I asked them to write three things that they loved about each other the most. They turned without revealing their boards. Courtney first, then Tyler. As much as I wanted to see the expression on Tyler's face, I kept the camera focused on Courtney. I knew the exact time she read those words....Will you marry me ? The look on face is priceless . I wish them the best this world has to offer . Much love♥

View their love story on The Knot | How we met + how he asked  

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Garden Baby Bath ♥ https://www.honeysucklerosephotography.com/blog/2016/8/garden-baby-bath    As you may have noticed I am a lover of nature. As an avid gardener, I spend a large majority of my year working my garden and landscape. My goal is to transform our vegetable garden to a cottage garden . Well , this year after many hours & days of sweat, bug bites, and back breaking weeding...it is well on it's way. I still have other features to add, but, I am so pleased with the progress I have made this year. I have established so many perennials , herbs & flowering shrubs, next year is going to be a jewell of a garden. Perfect for Spring & Summer sessions ! 

  I really dig old ,vintage items . A collector of sorts, I like to surround myself with things that remind me of days gone by. Good memories too ! My husband and I jump at the opportunity to go antique shopping on weekends. So on a recent trip to pick up a sofa for my studio at an antique shop( oh, that is a story in itself ! ) at D &T Treasures, I spotted an old enamel washtub. As I was inquiring about the price, the owner asked if I had seen a baby tub that they had been holding for a local photographer.......... OMG , that's me , me , me !!!!  The lady there had told me about it months ago & was supposed to email me a photo. I never got that , but , the tub was quite the prize ! I pointed out my business cards that I had left there & she was like , Oh , yeah !! It is you !! SOLD !!!! A great find & an it will be an awesome prop for children photos. 

  One day while working in the garden , watching the abundance of beautiful butterflies fluttering around me. I brainstormed....I'll find a baby to take a bath in my garden !  I can incorporate the wash tub too , as a wash day shoot ! We had just took a road trip to Franklin County to pick up an old plow and I bought a vintage wooden pull toy that I could use in the shoot also .....PERFECT !! Luckily , I knew of just the right baby. My great niece had just moved back to Virginia with her husband and baby . They are living close by and I asked her if she could come on over and let me take some pics ! Okey-dokey ! Baby Trey is super cute & sweet and just the right age for this shoot. So I staged it in and around the garden and was ready when she arrived. A beautiful, yet a bit sticky morning. 

  Trey appears to frown and look oh so serious most of the time . But , he is so cute and sneaks those grins and giggles when least expected ! Funny how hard it can be to get those on demand , LOL ! He did enjoy his garden bath and splashing in the bubbles ! And was much more lively after his morning bath. Here is a link to view this cute as can be Garden Bathtime gallery. Enjoy the shots and I would love some feedback !





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Skyler & Kiley |Tween Cousins https://www.honeysucklerosephotography.com/blog/2016/7/skyler-kiley-tween-cousins  I think most people that have grown up with cousins living close by , find that their cousin was often the first best friend that they ever had. You didn't have to go to the same school or share the same friends. Because, the bond that ties is family♥ Getting together for the holidays, sleep overs ,cook outs and so much fun time spent to be the best of friends. Still little girls ♥ Silly secrets

Meet Skyler & Kiley ♥ Living close to each other and mother's that are close cousins, these girls are fortunate to see each other over the summer and the school year. They are the in that awkward "tween age" years, 11 & 12. Still they are little girls at heart & enjoying all the silly stuff that they can do. Yet, trying so hard to be all grown up.  

Being that they are my great niece and grand daughter, makes these portraits so much more special.  Oh, there are plenty of snap shots & camera pics of these two. I wanted to do something different. They will get to treasure these years to come & maybe show their own daughters.

I wanted to showcase  this age group. Ever look through your family portraits of your children. You have all the studio portraits -birth through toddler years . Then 12 years of school pictures . And of course ones from every baseball, soccer ( you name it ) team they ever played on. Usually no individual portraits until their senior year ? Why ? I sure don't know . Kinda like baby books after you have your first child. The first born is full of every little detail , the second one gets less attention, then after two you don't even bother with a baby book .....who has time !!

This is an age of innocence on the verge of adulthood. Yes, you know once they hit teenager they think they are adults...yes, you know !!

Look at these sweet as can be shots of them. You can see how they love being together all giggles and smiles. Then how grown up they are in the individual shots. This was so much fun ! And I got to be silly right with them !!

Please check out entire gallery !



You are going to love these two lil ladies almost as much as me !!

But .........Oh , my .......we do have two lovely lil country girls in the family ♥ 

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Teddy Bear Tea Party https://www.honeysucklerosephotography.com/blog/2015/7/teddy-bear-tea-party/styled-shoot         The very first time I laid my eyes on Autumn , I just knew that I wanted to snap pictures of her ! One beautiful 2 year old for sure. Teddy bear tea party-0050-Edit-2-3Teddy bear tea party-0050-Edit-2-3 But , alas, I hadn't been around a two year old in quite awhile! My youngest grandson is 5, so I had just about forgotten what a two year old will and ...will not do ! One thing they will do, is anything they want. So I put her in the surroundings that I wanted, my grand daughter Kiley as my assistant , and let her play ! Teddy bear tea party-0043-2Teddy bear tea party-0043-2 The hardest part was getting her to look at the camera. Her mother told me she was a ham in front of a camera . Now I'm thinking kids these days see our cell phones as the "camera". The humidity was at times unbearable. Of course two years olds are oblivious to that !LOL! What she did enjoy was being the center of attention.  Teddy bear tea party-0012Teddy bear tea party-0012 I gathered all of my props from a whirlwind trip to the mountains in the fall. I knew exactly what I was looking for. Found the table and mismatched chairs at one stop. My husband was assigned the task to look for a teapot , he found the perfect one at another shop. Then I scored three sets of antique floral demitasse cups and saucers , sugar bowl and sterling silver spoons at our last stop . A very productive trip for me. Thanks to Michelle at Www.facebook.com/willowlakephotoprops  for the custom made rag pennant. Which I LOVE !! Finally found the right lil one to pull it all together. Teddy bear tea party-0046Teddy bear tea party-0046 Teddy bear tea party-0002Teddy bear tea party-0002 Teddy bear tea party-0053Teddy bear tea party-0053 Teddy bear tea party-0020-2Teddy bear tea party-0020-2 Teddy bear tea party-0032Teddy bear tea party-0032 Teddy bear tea party-0026Teddy bear tea party-0026 Teddy bear tea party-0037-2Teddy bear tea party-0037-2 Teddy bear tea party-0038Teddy bear tea party-0038 Teddy bear tea party-0045-3Teddy bear tea party-0045-3 I love this set up and would like to offer the same as a photo session for any toddler . This session was taken at Alum Springs Park.( Autumn and Kiley enjoyed wading in the creek afterwards ) You can see more shots from our session in my childrens gallery .If you have a little one that loves teddy bears and tea parties. Contact me with a message on this website  www.honeysucklerosephotography.com 

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Cabin Hill https://www.honeysucklerosephotography.com/blog/2015/4/cabin-hill       So far to date I have to say this was the most enjoyable session I've done. No offense to other clients,this was fun ... Cabin Hill is a bluegrass band formed in the mid seventies. I met the banjo player Emory & his brother Wayne ,at the diner where I work ,probably 30 years ago. Knowing they were a family of musicians , I had never heard them play ! I was thrilled when Emory asked if I would photograph the band ! Lucky for me I got there early and was treated to some foot stomping music while they practiced. I LOVE BLUEGRASS !! That's the country girl in me , lol ! After practicing they donned their Sunday best for some pics . I loved hanging out with these ole guys ...yes I said ole guys & they are the first to admit it ! So much fun & so relaxing. Thank you Mac for keeping my husband company . And also for your hospitality , you fix a mighty fine drink ! DSC_0132DSC_0132

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Peyton & Jackson https://www.honeysucklerosephotography.com/blog/2015/3/peyton-jackson     When my daughter asked if I would take some pictures of these two , I could not resist. They are the cutest duo ever. One never far from the other , they stick together like glue, or better yet...peanut butter & jelly ! The best of friends , this bond goes back to when they were babies. Peyton's grandma was the day care provider for both (also for Jackson's daddy long ago!). Then they went to preschool together and they are next door neighbors ! They are the cutest little lovebirds you will ever see !                                                                                                             Telling secrets about stuff that could only come out of the mouth of a five year old , they cracked each other up ! I tried to harness their energy , individual personalities and the close bond that they share in photos.....oh, to be so young again ! _DSC0328 (2)_DSC0328 (2) _DSC0167 (2)_DSC0167 (2) _CSC0682_CSC0682 _CSC0670_CSC0670

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